Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of activities do you offer?

We aim to deliver at least 10 different sports within the 2 day club. We do offer the traditional sports such as football, rugby and hockey but the purpose of the club is to introduce children to different skills and sports, like, dodgeball, benchball, gymnastics, various raquet sports, basketball etc.

Do children have to do both days?

We do encourage children to do both days so that they benefit from the full Sgiliau experience and range of sports, but a 1 day option is available on request for £15.

Do all staff have a current DBS certificate?
All staff are either PE teachers or experienced coaches and have undergone a

thorough DBS check. For more information about the staff please see meet the staff.

What time can we drop the children off?

All Sgiliau clubs run fro 10.00-15.00. Parents are welcome to drop their children at the club from 9:45. For insurance reasons, we cannot accept any children before this time.

How often do the clubs run?

Where possible the clubs run for 2 days every school holiday. Please see upcoming events for the latest information.

Do children get a t-shirt?

Children who attend a Sgiliau club for the first time will get a free–shirt! You order your preferred size when you book online.

How do we know if our child has a place?

Once you have booked in online you will receive an email confirming your booking. You don’t need to do anything else!

What if we are unable to book in online?

No problem. contact to arrange an alternative method.

What if my child becomes ill and can’t make both days?
If your child becomes ill at the last minute, their place will be kept until the next club.


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